At Aura Resin we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, our extensive product range uses market leading aggregates, the best in the industry due to its quality and durability.

With the UK’s largest range of aggregates and gravels, combined with the highest quality UV resistant resin available, Aura Resin consistently deliver a superior finish at an affordable price.

Golden Quartz 1-3mm

Amber gold 1-4mm

Green Granite 2-5mm

Silver 10mm

Golden Quartz 2-5mm

Golden Pea 2-5mm

Black 2-5mm

Beige 2-5mm

Autumn Quartz 2-5mm

Brittany Bronze 2-5mm

Autumn Gold 2-5mm

Classic 2-5mm

Silver 2-5mm

Yellow 2-5mm

Red 2-5mm

Yellow 10mm

White Flint 2-5mm

Dorset Gold 2-5mm

Staffordshire Pink 2-5mm

Devon Yellow 2-5mm

Arctic White 2-5mm

Winter Quartz 2-5mm

Trent Pea 3-6mm

Rhinegold 10mm

Dobbsweir 3-6mm

Pearl Quartz 5-8mm

Brittany Bronze 10mm

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